Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rose Ruffled Pillow

This is the Ruffle Rose Pillow found at Red Heart. It is project number LW2505.

The front of this pillow measures 21" across. I have started to add the top ruffle to the center of the front. I am using several yarns. One of which is Red Heart Monet, that would be the ruffly on top of the pillow. The other color used as my base color is Lion Brand Jamie Classic in Lilac. Of course the hook size is my current favorite size "H".

This is a very easy pillow to make. It uses mostly sc for the base and the back and sc, hdc, and dc for the ruffle on top that is worked into the front loop of the base stitches.

I have also started the back but am not following the pattern and it is not finished yet but here is a preview what I have done so far. The back is going to be a spiral in the colors that are close to those contained in the Monet color.

Here is a photo of the back finished.

I still have to finish the ruffle on the front to complete this project. But wanted you all to see where I am going.

My plan is to join front and back using the crab stitch or RSC. This is one of the projects I started while working under the WIP at Red Heart. It is a huge pillow at 21".

Ghost, OUT!


Beansieleigh said...

Oh, BEAUTIFUL colors!.. and reading back a bit, LOVED your "pal Patches"!! So CUTE!!.. Have a great weekend! ~tina

Sandy said...

Love those colors, and round and round you go.

Awesome looking hooks too, do you like that style? Do you find them easier to use? I'm still using the cheap Susan Bates that you get 5 or 6 in a package. I do keep breaking them though, so it's good I buy them in groups. lol

Ghost said...

These are my favorite hooks and t hey are Susan Bates. They were a gift to me from my sister. I can't use anything but Susan Bates. I hate Boye. I have had these a long time and they do not break on me. I love the thicker handles. They fit nicely in your hand.