Saturday, June 11, 2011


This square is called Marigold by The Crochet Dude. There is once again no link for the pattern except to the booklet.

This was a fast square to make. Something I find to be unusual with Drew's squares. Most are very long and the pattern is repetitious. Not so in this case. The flower center was something new to me the way that he did it and I find that I learn a lot from making his squares.

It turned out at 10-1/2" with my "H" hook and my Mill Ends in Ombre Greens, and Lion Brand Jamie Classic in Pink with a trim of Red Heart in Lavender. All were worsted weight acrylic yarns.

I selected not to change colors as often as stated in the pattern. I like the greens around the pink, it is very flower-like.

Here is an idea for keeping all those supplies other than yarn together. Try using a shoebox or a hinged lid container that you can purchase in supply stores. A great way to organize your needles, scissors, buttons, eyes, stitch markers, etc. and other supplies and keep them handy. This way you know right where to go when you need that tape measure or ruler for measuring square sizes.

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dandelion said...

This is Beautiful!! I just LOVE this..your crochet is so magnificent. said...

I also LOVE that you have the amazing ability to master literally any pattern you come across!!! That my dear is a TRUE gift. {{{HUGS}} kathy