Thursday, May 12, 2011

WIP - Wednesday - WK 3

Well, I am working on the Babette this week. Although my squares are not all of the basic granny type they are different sizes of different granny type squares. Some are not grannies. So we have a really unusual mix of square types. Mostly what I did this week with it was get the squares ready for joining. I have only just started by framing the squares that I had failed to do so to when I first made them. Sometimes I get in a hurry and forget my usual habits.

Next week I hope to organize them by size and hopefully I will have enough to complete a ghan and start assembling it. Looking ahead I think for this afghan I will probably just whip stitch the squares together. It seems to be the simplest method at this point. I will show more photos as I progress. This is not an easy project for me. I love making the squares but piecing them together is not as much fun as I had hoped it would be.

I did finish the Apple Trivet this past week, see a previous post. And I am still making a square a day at my other blog, so my hooks are staying quite busy.

I also worked on My Pal Patches (Crochet World-CroChet-World.Com-June 2010) a bit. I am at the point of assembling him. He should be ready to show a photo next week. Also, both the Charted Elephant Afghan and the FDW Scarf have been worked on this week.

I am also working on assembly of another ghan made with the squares from my Granny Made Me Do It blog. These would be The Crochet Dude squares and I will be trying to use his Dudessembly plan. We will see what happens with that. I may have to so a little resizing on the squares this week to bring them all to the right measurement and count. These squares will not be featured until June.

I am not posting a lot of photos at this time as they take up bandwidth and are just photos of progress. I would like to wait till I have more to show.

My List of WIP this week is...
Dude Afghan
Babette Afghan
My Pal Patches
Faux Dr. Who
Charted Elephant Throw
Daily Squares (43 squares completed)

Ghost, OUT!


Magia da Inês said...


Grandes e pequenos os quadrados são alegre, vistosos e coloridos.
Tenho certeza que quando você os unir ficarão deslumbrantes.

°º✿ Brasil
º° ✿♥ ♫° ·.

Susan said...

from time to time I get bitten by the crochet bug ! I do not like to assemble squares !