Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pineapple Sachet

Actually this is called Apple Trivet at The Left Side of Crochet.

But as I stated before I had great excitement when finding this pattern as I remembered it as a child. I finished it in a couple of hours. The pattern is fast and easy to follow. I used Moda Dea Fashionista in Boysenberry as my yarn and my "H" hook once again.

I omitted the leaves and added a flower to the bottom. I stuffed it with some cotton that I had sprinkled some sachet powder on and folded in half. I then used some ribbon and wove it around the edges and tied a bow. Now I can toss it into my undies drawer and they will remain fresh smelling.

If ever you want to change the cotton inside or refresh the sachet all you have to do is untie the ribbon and refresh to your hearts content.

Ghost, OUT!


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Love this! Saved off the original pattern with your suggestions. I love sachets. Makes everything smell so nice.

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