Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cat Tracks

This is Cat Tracks by Drew Emborsky.

I love the title of this square but it is sure a yarn eater. I uses almost a half a 6oz. skein on this one square using an "H" hook. I choose to do this square in a solid color as I needed a few solid squares. My choice of yarn was Red Heart worsted weight acrylic in Purple. It did not photograph very well.

I also took a few liberties to make the square come out 12" for me. On the last two rounds I did a hdc around and then a round of sc.

I am thinking of assembling all these Crochet Dude Squares together to make a throw. I will try to do the Dudessembly to join with. I tried this once before and could not do it. Hopefully, my talents and reading abilities have progressed since then.

Ghost, OUT!

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Sandie said...

I have seen this square of Drew's before and it is so pretty, yet for some reason I've never tried it. I think I might have this booklet. I'll have to check my stash.