Thursday, December 29, 2011

Scrap Slippers

In another side-step I made these slippers. No pattern was used, just out of my head. I did use a "G" hook and the final scraps I had of Patrons, Fresco yarn in /white, flamingo and ocean. My plan is to put some nonskid fabric on the bottom. Other than that they are complete. I love the way the colors turned out with one being a solid color and the other is the left overs.

I started out like making a tiny hat then I just worked around so many stitches and did a back and forth for each row. I then sewed the back by working half way across to create a center then did a sc into both side. I added three flowers I had already made from other yarn and that is all there was too it.

I am not giving stitch counts as they would be as individual as your own foot, which is what i used as my measure.

Ghost, OUT!


Wormie said...

cute. I have used the raised paint from the craft stores to make slippers non-skid. Easier than sewing on fabric.

Yarny Days said...

Cute. And practical.