Sunday, February 8, 2009

Two More Items Completed

I finished the Going Home Poncho yesterday. You need to sign in to use the link, it is at Lionbrand. I made the poncho for my daughter and she loves it. She is building quite a wardrobe in the Monet yarn from Coats and Clark. Below she is modeling it wearing it on the side. I think it looks great either way.

I am planning on making her a hat to go with the poncho and Scarlet has designed a pair of wrist cuffs that will match this poncho. So she will be fully outfitted when all the parts are completed. I used an "N" hook. And the yarn was kind of lightweight so it came out much smaller than expected. So I added 10 rounds, which also made it longer. The purple I used on the edging and collar is also from Coats and Clark in Lavender. She is happy with it and that is the important part.

I want to make me one of these also but will be using the Homespun yarn that is called for in the pattern. I would like to get it made before I go so I can wear it on the plane but don't think I will have time. I will be using an Olive Green and Autumn color yarn in the painterly series of yarns at Lionbrand with their Homespun. More on that later when I begin.

The second project I completed yesterday is a pattern that I was directed to by Susan over at Chipmunknits. It is such an easy pattern and can be found at Wheelchair Wrap. It is a super easy pattern and of course I had to add my own touches. I added the rose and leaves and made the rose a button closure. I also added a round of lime green scrap yarn I received from June at She Spins Wool. I think it was perfect to off set the Monet color. I sure have used this yarn a lot in my projects. It comes in 1 lb. bags with 3 skeins and about a 1/4 of a fourth. I like working with it but it is getting tiring using the same color all the time. So the green was a nice refreshing change.

I wish I had made the rose in a different color, it would have stood out more. But I tried to get this close up of the rose and leaves. I used an "I" hook for this project.

Today I hope to work on my squares again and also the scarf to go with the pink Durango hat from a couple days ago.



Ahhh the wonderful gifts for our daughters. That came out beautiful I am sure she will love it. Doesnt it feel good to get stuff done and off the hooks? :-)

Scarlet said...

Beautiful Sis. Alicia looks so happy. I love the cape as well. You are so creative. I can't wait for you to get here. I think the rose looks really good in the same color.


Cherri said...

Wow, Ghost, how do you get so much done?!?!! You're amazing! Everything looks wonderful!!
Hugs, Cherri

Bunny said...

Fabulous poncho Ghost! Looks great!

Crochet Princess Beth said...

They both are so pretty! I love the edging on the first poncho. Just beautiful! She's a lucky lady!!!

Susan said...

wow the wheelchair wrap turned out great! do you crochet all night? when do you sleep? why can I never
finish anything-you are Super
Crocheter Gal! lol!