Friday, March 6, 2009

Disaster Hits San Jose Crocheter

It was bound to happen eventually. Not everything you make can be a success. What a great disappointment to put all the time and effort into a project that took 2 and a half days to have it turn out such a mess. I have no idea where I went wrong but I am most certainly sure that these cute slippers did not come out as they were suppose too. Their cuteness was destroyed at my hand. But I had to post this mess since I always post my projects that turn out well, had to let you know that all does not always work out for me. Sis and I laughed so hard all evening, at this failure, that our sides hurt and we could not get our breath.

As you can see all started out well, and we were so very optimistic that we even took an extra step and sewed leather patches to the soles to help avoid slipping when wearing. Oh we knew this was going to be the best slippers ever.

This is one of the front panels completed. I took pictures of every step because I wanted to share this project so much. Now I am almost hesitant to show you how bad they really turned out. I don't think Big Foot would even wear these and I was making them for Alicia. I don't think she will want them but I will try to foist them off on her anyway and see what happens.

Here is my finished product! The toes look like a curled under hook nose platypus. I used a "K" hook and Coats and Clark acrylic yarn in white. Not a great color for slippers but it is what I had in a large amount. It took about 14 oz of yarn to complete. You can laugh now, I sure did!!

Here is a picture of what they were suppose to look like. They are available in the high top and low top. Mine were the low top. The pattern book used was called Annie's SUPER SIMPLE Mile-A-Minute Crochet Slippers. In my opinion the panel would make a lovely strip for an afghan but as you can see from the photos it did not work in my slippers.

Hope you all have more success than I did if you try this pattern.


Sandie said...

We all have projects that don't turn out as we hoped. In fact, I have a slipper that came out huge. I never did do the second one of the pair!

Wendy said...

I was SOOoo worried when I read the title of your post...Phew....
Don't ya just hate when you put so much time and effort and love into something and it does not turn out...SO sorry...maybe he will like them....

Bunny said...

Is it me? or do they really not look so bad. I see what your saying about the front. CAn you tell when you wear them? or do they lay falt? Hmmm...things may not be as bad as they seem.
I like the leather on the bottom. These slippers can be so slipper-y. lol
Hope you have a great weekend.


We all have those disastrous projects - but with the last pic (the slippers on the feet), it looks pretty good. You cant see all the faults you were pointing out. It looks good to me.

sissie said...

I do not see to much wrong with them! I like the look and may have to try a pair for myself:)