Thursday, March 5, 2009

Update Photos of Works in Progress

This is a photo of the Friend Shawl that I have been working on a little at a time. I have only a few rows to go before it it complete. I am using a K hook and Coats and Clark yarn. It is coming out much smaller than I expected and I am even using a larger hook. And the weight of the yarn is right according to the pattern. Be a Friend Shawl pattern can be found at that link.

Here you have a photo of the progress I have made on the Star in a Snowflake doily. Not much to say about it except I am liking it but can only work a little at time. I am using a number 7 steel hook and size 10 crochet cotton.

I am also still working on the Who Scarf and I am on the green strip still.


Bunny said...

The poncho and doily are coming out very nice. Love the colors you chose.

June said...

I love the shawl and want to try one too. Thanks for pointing us to the pattern! Love the doiley, too. Such hard work with the thread!