Friday, March 6, 2009

School Is Out

We have finally completed all the things on our list of new things to learn. Today we did two new items. This first one is the Crochet on the Double Washcloth. I used an "I" double ended crochet hook and Peaches and Cream cotton in an orange and pink color for this project. These were scraps left over from another project. I used the tutorial found at Crochet Cabana. It was a fast and easy project. I was unaware that this was so much like the Afghan or Tunisian Crochet stitch that I had done before until after I had completed the project. It seems they are the same except you work with one color in tunisian crochet and also do not turn your work after two rounds. Therefore the hook you use is only one ended with a stopper on the other end. So by learning this new Crochenit I also refreshed my memory on Tunisian crochet. And I do have a booklet at home that I might finally tackle using the Tunisian stitch. It is just a thought at this point.

The other project we did today was the Amazing Star Square. Very easy to do and so attractive and such variety of design depending on the number of colors used to create it with. I stayed with my left over red and white colors in Coats and Clark and I used a "K" hook throughout instead of changing sizes as suggested in the book Amazing Star Afghan. Sis has made three of them so far and I will make more but for now I am going to finish my Friend Shawl and my doily. Those are my next priorities.

And sissy wants some more eyeglass cases. She gave me the most lovely one that is all beaded with a cat. Sis has, at a minimum, at least half a dozen pairs and has them laying in every spot around the house. And in all her purses. So she definitely needs more cases. Why she gave me this lovely, I will never know but I have admired it for years and now it is mine and she will have to fight me to get it back.


Crochet Princess Beth said...

Nice to see you are having alot of fun - thanks for sharing your pics with us all! Can you email me - I have a ? to ask you Hugs! Beth

Bunny said...

You and
Scarlet are certainly getting a lot done and learning a lot of new things.
Thanks for sharing all of the pics.