Sunday, October 25, 2009

Twists Bag

This is the first bag that I made that I have ever lined. My sister showed me how to do it and it was simple but then she remembered some adaptations that she had previously made which I will use next time. This is a picture of the lining I used which has the perfect colors in it to match the yarn I used.

The yarn was a variegated yarn in cotton and the color was Vintage Twists and the hook was a size "H". Seems I have used that hook a lot lately. The pattern for this purse can be found at #308 LILY SUGAR N CREAM, and is called TWISTS CROCHET BAG. It was due to have some fringe on the flap but sis purchased such a nice ring with a terrific saying on it and I did not want to cover it up with the fringe so I omitted that part.

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


Janet Happy Girl said...

Like the bag alot...I've done a few of these with lining. It's a lot of work but is really nice in the end huh?

Sandy said...

It looks wonderful. I've never made a bab/purse; though I have an entire book of patterns my daughter bought me last year for Christmas. I actually forgot I had it, til reading your post.

Thanks for reminder.


Sandie said...

I've never made a purse either but do have many patterns ready and waiting. Your work is lovely as always! I am catching up on my reading and I think I will be doing that for some time to come. heh

Tina said...

I just finished lining a purse that I crocheted, too. (The Chakra Purse). I had some trouble doing the lining. (Just that I don't know what I am doing..) Your purse turned out great! :)