Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sis' New Family Member And More

Well, I have returned home and things are a mess here as I expected. I shipped home three boxes of gifts from my sister and other things I purchased while there. So I have to find a home for all these new things and I am running out of room. My room is a disaster as I try to reorganize things. I slept on a bed last night that was piled high with clothes that need to be hung up, so today is closet day. Once that is done other things around here need organizing and cleaning too. I will get to it all. So in the meantime I will show you, over the next few days, some of the other items I made while as Sis' house. She was ever so generous with her yarn supply. I don't think we even made a small dent in it either. Well my house is now becoming a YARN BARN also. Anyway on with the new news for today...

Is this a lovely picture of Luna, Scarlet and Nick's newest family member? She is such a good dog and so well behaved and trained. She is so good with the cats and Gizmo has accepted her and she him. They are friends but Jade is a little standoffish yet toward Luna. But from what I have been told she acted the same when Gizmo came to live with them also. But before I had left there to come home she seemed much more relaxed and all three had been left alone in the house without fur baby incident.

This is me with my new niece. Both pictures were taken before we left for service on that Sunday. My visit there was so wonderful and my sister went all out to make sure that I was well taken care of, it was so nice of both Nick and her to open their home to me. They are two of the best hosts you will ever run across.

After service we stopped at Ballano's and I had my very first cup of 'Cafe Au' Latte', caramel flavored. So thick and foamy. I have never had coffee that tasted so good. It was expensive! But so worth it and look how pretty it was. This will have to be a tradition on my future visits. I really love it.

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!

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Janet Happy Girl said...

awww you look so proud of your adorable new "neice."