Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Persuasion Patchwork Afghan

Here is the dreaded ghan I have been working on finishing the last few days. Been really dragging my heels on this one. It is the Persuasion Patchwork from Lion Brand that I said I was not happy with, well as you can tell I am still not over joyed.

It was started in California, finished in Michigan and is being given to Chris a friend of my daughters. It was made with scraps as you can tell. All worsted weights and an "I" hook. Pattern is at Lion Brand under afghans.

Now, I am hoping to work on the Amazing Star afghan. And by the way Chris loved it, even though I don't he said he loves all the colors and that it even included his favorites.

That's it today. Ghost, OUT!


Sandie said...

If the recipient loved it, I say call it success! I am having trouble getting into Lion Brand right now, but I will try again later and have a look at this pattern. It sure is interesting looking.


We are always too critical of our work - as long as the person you gave it to love it, it was worth it. It is lovely.

Scarlet said...

Well sis you know already that I love it but thought I put that in writing for ya.


SANDY said...

What didn't you like about it? It looks way to tedious, all that changing color, means tucking in lots and lots of ends. Though, does look like a good way to use up odds and ends. It's colorful which I like. Glad Chris liked it, that's what counts.

I feel like it needs a story...since it was made in multiple locations, and perhaps what each color was from. Lots of stories there.