Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hats For Metro Hotel

I have been busy making hats for Metro. Today I made three. This was the last one I made today but it is my favorite. I used my favorite man's hat pattern for the hat, and two skeins together of the cotton flocked yarn (still trying to use it up, but have lots of it left yet), and a "J" hook for the hat.

The trim was made using an "H" hook. All I did was go back and add a shell all around the hat. It just seemed so plain. I don't know the name of the yarn as it lost it's band.

All the hats today were made using the same pattern. With this one I was using up small balls of scarps of the bulky weight yarn. I used a "J" hook and wound up having just enough yarn to finish the hat. This one will be really warm. I should keep this one to go with the sweater I made a while back with the same yarns. I won't though. I started it for Metro and to Metro it will go.

This was the first one I made this day. I also was using up one skein of yarn which was not enough for the hat so I combined two yarns. The Black lites which I have used before. It is a bulky weight yarn and also a new yarn to me the Red Heart Aztec and I truly love this yarn. Love the color and the way the splashes fall where they may. It has the look of real adobe and really appeals to me. I have more of this and will also make a scarf with it. It is a lot like homespun but not quite as loopy. So that is all I have to offer today. Hope you all are making headway in your endeavors.

Ghost, OUT!


Sandie said...

Beautiful job. What is Metro again? My poor memory. I looked at the pattern and it looks like a basic hat, but a bit short. My husband likes his hats to go over his ears.

Chela said...

You are so fast! Do you sleep? :D
You left me a coment, that mean I have to erase your name from the list? :(

It's O.K. I know you're very busy.

Have a wonderful week!
Abrazos! Hugs

Kate said...

Wow, you are fast!
I love that shell hat.
I can't believe that cockroaches can live for 9 days after their heads have been chopped off.

Molly said...

You are fast, those caps are very pretty. You are great.