Sunday, October 3, 2010

What Is On My Hook?

I completed the rug, so that is no longer on my hook.

If you have forgotten the details of the items below just click on the title and it will take you to them.

Bernat CAL Afghan

Granny Mandala Tablecloth

Babett Blanket - no link or picture as yet. I have lots of squares made but it is far from finished or even close to a photo.

Diagonal Shawl

Circular Shawl

Ghost, OUT!


Beansieleigh said...

Oh my gosh, your hook is SMOKIN'!!! Your rug looks great!.. I can't wait to see how your tablecloth progresses!.. and I have been curious to try that circular shawl myself sometime!!.. For now, I just finished my sweater, and will be starting another style sweater very soon!.. Have a great weekend! ~tina

SandieP said...

I'm checking out that Mandala granny and will be giving that a shot soon.

Clara said...

Very impressive! Great feelings of accomplishment then on to something else.

Pammy Sue said...

Nice stuff! I love the way your mandala tablecloth is turning out...very pretty!

Pammy Sue said...

Ghost ~ My granny squares for the crochet-along came out exactly 8 inches only crocheting 5 rounds. I am using the recommended J hook and the recommended Bernat yarn.