Saturday, April 9, 2011


Yes, it is more dishcloths for my kitchen. Blushing Bride Square made with a "J" hook and Patrons Fresco in Ocean. I liked this pattern it was easy to do, went real fast and I added a round of loops to finish it off that was not included in the pattern. You can make this square larger if you like.

Shells Around made with an "H" hook and Patrons Fresco in Flamingo. This square although attractive was a bit more difficult to make but still easy. I am not as happy with the results of this one as I was with the Blushing Bride Square. But it will work well for cleaning up the kitchen.

Small Winter Burst made with an "H" hook and Patrons Fresco in Ocean. I enjoyed the making of this square. The pattern was easy to follow. Sorry the picture is a bit blurry.

FLOWER LOVE IN 2DOnce again I used an "H" hook and Patrons Fresco in Flamingo and White. I do love this yarn. This pattern was a bit difficult to read for me. I am not sure I did it right, but it is what it is.

And the last one for now is Kittery Square It was a free pattern of the day that I saved. I used an "I" hook this time and Patrons Fresco in Flamingo, White, Ocean.

I am almost out of this yarn, that I love so much, so I guess in the future I will have to go back to cotton. I have a bin full of that.

Hope you saw something you liked here today.

Ghost, OUT!


Clara said...

These are all beautiful!!

SandieP said...

Very pretty! Especially love the blushing bride one.