Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bernat CAL- Week Five

Wow! They want 16 squares this week and it not a favorite square for me, see below. I am using Vanna's Choice in Honey, Silver Blue, Dusty Green, Rust, Rose, and Brick. And I Love This Yarn in Mid Green, also, Red Heart Soft Baby Steps in Baby Blue. Those are the colors I have used so far in this afghan and these squares. Hook size "J".

I have made a ghan before using this pattern and hated it but these seem to have come out much nicer, so I must of done something wrong with the other one or there was something wrong with the pattern. You can see it here in these three places. I must of really been disappointed in this one since I post about three times. The person who received it really loved it though. Click on all three links to get the full explanation and where I got the pattern and all the other specifics.

With this set of squares I still rotated colors but did it randomly. Except that I did try to keep the second band of color the same so it would create a box when assembled. I am not sure how they plan to assemble their ghan but I would like to keep these squares together and make four blocks. I also kept the last color the same on four squares so that it would be a solid block in the center of each block. I am not sure if this will work out with their plans but as I said before I am a bit of a pattern rebel and tend to sway from the main course. Perhaps that is why my other squares were so wacky. Wish me well.

Ghost, OUT!


Clara said...

Love these squares, especially the one with the watermelon colors. On another note...haven't been seeing much of your blogging of late and hope all is okay.

Sandy said...

Had to laugh when I read a bit of a rebel with patterns. I'm afraid I'm the same way if I even use one. Did you find changing colors that often a nuisance? Tucking all those ends ugh. Are these similar to log cabin squares?

Nice to see you posting again, hope you're doing well.


Ghost said...

Sandy, sorry no not like log cabin squares at all. Smiles!