Saturday, December 19, 2009

Square Saturday ~ Things I learned in 2009

I thought I would sneak this post in and changed the date so it would not post as current. But I got fooled. Wormie, found it and wanted to know more about the list and things on it. So I am reposting this one with links to original posts which have links to the projects or at least more information. Hope this is not redundant to you all. Photos can be found on the original post entries. You will find lots and lots of Squares in this post. Just click the links.

Amazing Star Square ~ This was from the pamphlet called Amazing Star Afghans You can find the original post to this at School is Out, Further Progress and More Starts and What's On My Hook.

Cable Crochet ~ From the books Lisa's New and Easy Cable Afghans and Throws and also 63 Cable Crochet Stitches. This item is not finished yet. It is one of the things still on my hook at this time but I am working on it currently. You can find the original entry at More, More and Some Progress on Blanket

Chain Weaving ~ From the book 101 Crochet Squares by Jean Leinhauser. It is square number 81 in the book. The original post Busy Weekend is where you will find the project.

Color Spirals ~ This project was just an experiment that turned out okay. It is a more recent post called Hats.

Crochet On The Double ~ Original Post School is Out. This is done using a double ended crochet hook and the tutorial for it can be found at the link in the entry.

Diagonal Box Stitch ~ I can't seem to find the picture for the scarf I made with this pattern but the tutorial for the stitch is at Crochet Cabana.

Flat Braid Join ~ Easy Join As You Go Technique. One of the post that I applied this technique can be found at Wednesday WIP or at Off My Hook Wednesday or finally at Squares and Scarf Set. I found this to be a lot easier than I had originally thought.

Herringbone Stitch ~ Sis and I created a video for this stitch which can be found on UTube. It is a two parter. The pattern is Herringbone Afghan. I learned to do this to help my friend Donna do it. That was why we made the video. The original post is Herringbone Crochet Wash Cloth.

How to Crochet Socks ~ If you don't crochet but like to make socks then Crochet Socks is where you can learn how. My post was Just a Pair of Socks. Very quick and easy and in all sizes.

Knitting a Round Item ~ This was my first attempt at knitting something round. I did not even know what it was when I started it. I made it blind in a group called KAL. I regretfully no longer belong to the group and can't share the pattern but it is called Windmill Dishcloth and I did find a link for the pattern at Sewfunky. I have to entries including this washcloth. The first is Special Gift and the second is Ba Bye to Froggy Blanket.

Magic Ball ~ Chain Crochet Here is the Magic Ball link. I don't think I explained what I did different with the pad in the post What is Up Now. But after saving and tying all the scraps together I crocheted the balls into a long chain, leaving the tails to fall where they may and tying on a new ball when I came to the end of the first ball. Once that was accomplished I crocheted the chain using a single crochet just like I would if I was using a regular skein of yarn. This gave the pad a nice cushy feel, it was very thick. This would make a great rug if you chose to do that also.

Polish Star Stitch ~ Weaving for this is very difficult. The original post Polish Star Pillow Front has a link in it that directs you to another video Sis and I made. This should help you with the weaving. The pattern came from the pamphlet called Crochet Spectacular Polish Stars.

ReLearned Knitting ~ An old craft that once did and had not done for years and thought I had forgotten how to do it. I have made several knitted items this year and you can find one of them at the original post of Knitted Washcloth. The first thing I made from a pattern that Wendy published on her site. Here is a picture of the completed project she made with it, Giving Some Love. I also started a Doctor Who Scarf but frogged it because I did not like the colors and felt that if I was going to put all that effort into something it should at least be close to the right colors.

Using Bow Maker ~ The original post of Bows. These were made during my February visit to Scarlets. Here is the site that has the Bowdabra, which is what we used to make the bows.

Using Pom Pom Maker ~ And my final thing on the list of things I learned this year can be found in the entry California. And this site will show you what pom pom maker I used.

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Wormie said...

No fair - you have to gell us what these are - or give us links. I don't know what Crochet on the Double is. Or Diagonal Box Stitch. Or Magic Ball Chain. Or Polish Star Stitch.

The Garden Bell said...

Wow.. I just found you via my friend Lucy over in the Attic 24. Going to peek around for a few, as I'm a fellow yarn lover too. Stop by my garden when you get all settled in Florida. Can't wait to see all your fun new finds.

Holiday Cheer-
Kate- The Garden Bell